Unrealistic Chance Encounters #1

The more that I write this blog, the more that my friends and I seem to talk about the ridiculous things SCG do.

What we’ve been talking about most recently is where SCG go to meet Single Christian Guys.  Because we all know you can’t go to a bar.

Unless it’s a bar for Jesus.

Which I’ve never heard of.

I did google this however and found one in Houston, Texas.  Which makes a lot of sense.

But I’m in Minnesota …

Anyway, I have so much ammo regarding this topic, I thought I’d make it a series and bring it back on occasion for however long this blog last.

So …

Number 1: The Coffee Shop Encounter

Dunn Bros
Dunn Bros (Photo credit: soundpatterns.wordpress.com)

The smell of sweet roasted coffee beans in the air, the dark corners, the cozy fireplace, the soft indie music playing in the background?  If that isn’t a recipe for love I don’t know what is!

However idillic, the coffee shop encounter seems unrealistic.  Only because it never happens!

I hear roars of disagreement!

“But Claire, this is the perfect place to meet a Single Christian Guy, especially one that loves coffee as much as I do!”

“I mean, oh my gosh Claire, if they’re at a coffee shop, they’re obviously spending time with God, why wouldn’t this be a perfect place for the Holy Spirit to tell them that their future wife is just two tables down?!?”

“Seriously Claire, a guy at a coffee shop?  So attractive.  A guy at a coffee shop with a bible?  I mean that’s hotter then my Grande 3-pump Hazelnut Nonfat Extra Hot Extra Foam Latte!”

“Come on Claire!  I want to marry a Christian Hipster, there isn’t a better place to find them then at a coffee shop! I mean you can always count on the barista being one …”

Oh wait, I say that …

I told you I have these same struggles!

One of my friends (who will remain nameless) occasionally will go to coffee shops to do work and just discretely set her bible down next to her laptop.  Her reasoning?  “What if a guy wants to strike up a conversation with me because he knows that I already love Jesus?!”

One of my guy friends told me he would go up to a girl in a coffee shop.

I told him he was a liar.

Has this ever happened to you or anyone you know?


5 thoughts on “Unrealistic Chance Encounters #1

  1. As a Single Christian Guy, I’ll be honest, I would be to intimidated to approach a girl in a coffee shop and think I wouldn’t be strong enough of a Christian for her or the fear of rejection or I wouldn’t think to approach because I’d be convinced she would already have a totally awesome boyfriend.

    Plus I don’t really hangout in coffee shops, I’m not really a fan of coffee

      1. I like the idea of coffee shops, but I’m not a fan of coffee, the only coffee shops I frequent are Caribou because they have good non coffee alternatives

  2. I have to admit…. I’m guilty of sitting in coffee shops with my Bible or some overtly Christian book with the hope that some super hot Christian guy will come talk to me because he loves that book too. As of yet… it has not worked.

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