Has anyone seen the new Crest 3D White Arctic Fresh© commercial?  (Felt like I needed to copyright that … don’t want to get into any legal trouble)

But have you?

I kind of thought it was ridiculous.  There is this girl in some sort of restaurant kind of grimacing like she’s in pain.  I think it’s supposed to be a smile, but she’s not showing her teeth so it looks more like a grimace.  Then this good-looking guy comes in and the commercial says:

“He could be the one”

“Soul Mate, Husband, Loving Father to your children, but first you got to get him to say hello.”  And then they start talking about how Crest 3D White Arctic Fresh is going to do this for you, all while this girl is now smiling with teeth so white they look radioactive.

The name of my blog is Single Christian Girls, so I think we can all go ahead and make the logical conclusion that this hasn’t happened to me yet. However, now I know why; it’s because I don’t use Crest 3D White Arctic Fresh.  I totally thought I did … imagine how huge of a disappointment it was when I found out I was just using regular Crest Whitening with Cavity Protection …


Huge Bummer.

I mean girlfriend has cavity problems okay, but I think at this point I have bigger fish to fry.

Seriously, who cares if I end my 20’s with only one tooth in my mouth?  It’s going to be fricken 3D white and I’ll have met the “Loving Father to my Children” in the process.

I’ll just have to gum all my food.

Like my perfect child that I’m having with the perfect man that was in the toothpaste commercial …

And we wonder why we’re all crazy.

Blame the Media.

Blame toothpaste.

Here’s the commercial link if you want to subject yourself to ridiculous life fantasies that are going to destroy your soul.


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