A Duck or a Horse …

Would you rather be attacked by 100 horses the size of ducks or one duck the size of a horse?  

Think carefully.  Your answer has consequences.  

Trust me it does. 

The ladies in my carpool asked me this question.  In response to my life which is often confusing in itself, why not make up a metaphor that helps explain things?

So here it is …

If you have an animal, that looks like a duck, walks like a duck and has a bill like a duck but isn’t a duck that’s frustrating.  

I mean you want a duck that’s actually a duck.  You want the duck to tell you like it is.  You want a duck that’s a mallard that’s going to be really blunt and give you the facts.  

Like this duck:



or this duck:



Or like this duck:



So remember the question at the beginning of this post?  

If you chose the duck the size of the horse you’re good.  

I chose the 100 horses that were the size of ducks, which basically means that it’s my problem and we have to start with me before I can move on.

Does that make sense?

What?  It doesn’t?  

Okay Apostle Peter, stop asking so many questions … don’t make me have to pull a Matthew 13:36-43 on you and explain my parable.

I mean I’m great, but I’m not Jesus.

Girlfriend runs out of patience.    


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