Bad Words and Engagements

Some of you may know that I’m studying for a massive test, which is why I haven’t been writing as regularly as I usually do.

But actually let’s be totally honest, my writing is sporadic at best.

I should be studying right now but instead I’d rather be writing this and drinking this …


Anyway I digress.

This is kind of a combination of conversations I’ve had in the past few days. 

For lent, my lovely roommate decided to give up swearing.  I didn’t really notice that she swore in the first place, but if that’s what she wants to give up … more power to her. 

Another one of my friends had four friends get engaged in four days. 

When she told me about it she was exasperated.  I kind of got that, but at the same time she’s only 22 and like Taylor Swift says that’s just a time to be happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time.  That’s just what 22 is … apparently all of her friends that just got engaged didn’t get that memo. 

I am actually (no joke) usually really happy for friends who get engaged.  It’s fun, and you know you’re going to get to go to a wedding.  Also, most of my friends who are getting engaged are in their late 20’s / early 30’s.  It kind of makes sense. It seems natural, not weird. They don’t get confused for high school kids. They don’t get carded at restaurants.  They get engaged and my secret thought is “thank God, there’s hope! I might not have to adopt 20 cats …”

But when you’re younger and a butt load of people got engaged in 4 days?  Well … this is your thought process:

Day 1 and 1st engagement announcement: “Yeah!!!! I’m so excited! That’s awesome! I want to see the ring! When is the date?  How did he ask!?!?! Were you surprised? When are you guys going to have your first child? Can I be its God-Parent?

Day 2 and 2nd engagement announcement: “Oh wow! That’s so weird! So random?! What’s the story?”

Day 3 and 3rd engagement announcement: aside – “is this a joke?” to friend – “That’s awesome, I’m really happy for you guys.” (said with a slight grimace) 

Day 4 and 4th engagement announcement: “**bad word** this **bad word**” (Roomie, I did that for you … and the children that read this blog.)

But you know what friends? Life goes on.  You go onto live another day.  And good things happen at weddings.  Trust me – read my other blog about it – 


5 thoughts on “Bad Words and Engagements

  1. Most of my friends are already married, and its so frustrating when its just me and other married guys, and they semi complain about their limited freedoms and tell me how I’m so lucky to be on my own, when deep down I want the happy marriage they have, seems men, married or hopelessly single, are never happy

  2. I am genuinely happy for my married/engaged friends, but it doesn’t stop me from shaking my at the heavens or wallowing in self-pity about how “unfair” life is… To be quite honest, I’ll probably be a real mess when my time comes, and someone may need to supply me with barf-bags until the wedding is over, that is how much I have psyched myself out about ever getting married… On the other hand, I know God is faithful and He will give me the desires of my heart, I do hope that one of those gifts will be patience, or a strong stomach

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