The Lies of the Single Christian Male #1

This is going to be a series.

I already decided.

Something that I’ve heard so much it makes my ears bleed from my single male friends is “I love a girl that loves sports.”

You know what?

You don’t.

Wait? You think you do?

Yeah … you don’t.

I hate to use myself as an example.

Just kidding.  That’s my favorite thing!

This is a general synopsis of sports and me:

Currently I’m parked in front of the TV being obsessive about my bracket

We don’t play no games!

If you were to ever tell me to cheer for the Bears I’d probably yell at you for a good five minutes about what a terrible quarterback I think Jay Cutler is.

I was born a Badger and I’ll die a Badger.  If it was my life or cheering for Minnesota … I’d be dead.

I wrote a blog about Tim Tebow.  Because I care about sports … Just about sports in this instance.  You can read that one here. It MAY not be just about sports …

I’m already concerned about my children’s participation in Hockey.  In this instance I’m thinking genetic engineering could be okay.  I just want them to succeed! That’s not crazy!  At least not clinically crazy!

Now a question:

Who writes this blog?


What’s it called?

Single Christian Girls

So yeah …

You little liars.

Also Exhibit B should be my wonderful roommate who I mentioned in passing in last weeks post (You can see it here)

I thought I liked sports until I met her.  She can spout out statistics that I didn’t even know were important (or real things!).  She knows a lot about everything.  College Football, The NFL, The NHL, College Hockey, College Basketball, Wrestling, Volleyball, Soccer, NASCAR, and Bo-taoshi the Japanese sport where 150 players are divided into two teams and try to pull down the other teams poll.

Just kidding.  She doesn’t know anything about Bo-taoshi … but you get the point.

My lovely roommate is also … single.  Which really makes no sense.  Because she really is lovely.  Inside and out.  A regular old Babe-er-ham-Lincoln and Mother Theresa wrapped into one.

And she’s basically the walking, talking, human version of Sports Center.

And she’s single.

And you say you “love girls who love sports.”

Again …

No, you don’t.


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