The Lies of the Single Christian Male #1B

I don’t think I had any idea the uproar yesterday’s blog post was going to cause! (you can read it here!). You got me so excited I want to write another blog!

So I’ll do that tomorrow.

Just kidding. I’m doing it right now!

So, onto Lies of the Single Christian Man Part 1B.

Apparently lots of guys read my blog. THAT was a surprise. I think we all know I’m not really writing to that demographic, but still I’m pretty flattered. Keep reading my brothers!

Keep reading!

Anyway, one of those guys mentioned to me that guys don’t just like girls who like sports, they like girls who like sports AND Bacon.


That makes so much sense!

Yeah …




Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler …

**Heavy sigh**

You’re missing something. Heck! I’m missing something, because guess what? I like Bacon. I even threw up in my mouth a little because I’m pretty sure a person is not allowed to use the word “like” to quantify their enjoyment of Bacon. You either use the word love, or you’ve never had Bacon. I would also like you to notice that I am going to continually capitalize the word Bacon. Mostly because it’s sacred, but also a little bit because I was getting so worked up about Bacon that I was unintentionally capitalizing it up until a few sentences ago …

Other thoughts on Bacon: One time I was at the Minnesota Zoo visiting the Farm Babies exhibit. When I went you could hold the animals. They may have changed that rule because what is government for except for making stupid rules … whoa, bring it back Claire.

ANYWAY, my friend was holding a baby piglet. She is a vegetarian and was subtly trying to convince me to join her cause by commenting on the cuteness of the little piggy. I proceeded to congratulate the piglet on its future ability to make Bacon. My friend was offended. The pig was not. What do you think this is Narnia?

Piglet 2 USDA
Piglet 2 USDA (Photo credit: Wikipedia) – If you like Bacon, you’re going to eat that sucker one day.

So anyway, I like Bacon. And again, what’s the name of my blog?

Yeah, it’s a really long name I don’t want to type it.

So Tyler … Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler …

I’ll give you sports and Bacon, but you’ve got to give me one more variable to make this a full fledged theory.

Also, on a more serious note, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for reading my blog! If you like it – keep sharing with your friends!

Another also, you can let me know if you like my humble blog in the comments, or I’d love to hear your suggestions about what to write about next!


5 thoughts on “The Lies of the Single Christian Male #1B

  1. Ok I think this guys want a girl who like sports is total BS. Lets breakdown who says this, single guys, yet when you look at a lot of married Christian couples, are they all raving sports fan couples? No, some are, but not even a majority. I think single Christian guys use the “I want a girl who likes sports” as an excuse to justify their own singleness when in reality, they don’t know what they want in a significant other or best case scenario, they are like Bono and still haven’t found what they’re looking for.

      1. No not necessarily, I know you’ll hate reading this, but just wait for the guy who knows what we wants, just wait, I know its one of the most recurring things single people hear, but when most guys truly don’t know what they actually want in a woman, you have to wait for one that does. Also do you know what you want in a guy?

      2. I actually really don’t mind hearing that because I know that it’s true! God had a way of making life awesome in ways we don’t expect. I do know what I want in a guy … But that might be a topic for another blog post 😉

  2. Hey
    So I’ve been searching for a light christian Girls blog. I read all of the ones that tell you to tough it out, guard your heart, and read these verses that will somehow turn your desire to be married into a desire to join the convent. No. Dont get me wrong most of the time they are encouraging and I have taken a lot away from them. But I am literally in love with your blog. It brings me happiness and Ive read up to this post in less than 2 hours because its all I have been doing. Should I be paying attention to my Government class? No. Absolutely not when someone is speaking my thoughts onto the internets. I have full confidence that I will be someone like you when i graduate and live on my own. Except for the part about knowing sports. I. Will. Never. Know. But ultimately you rock. this rocks. Jesus rocks. and being a single, daughter of the Lord rocks. you are now a celebrity in my mind thank you.

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