Mr. Darcy and Florida Georgia Line.

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era.

No, seriously I do.

In our modern age there are many things commonly deemed to be archaic that I really think are not super bad ideas.

Take arranged marriage for example.

I’ve been hearing all of this stuff lately about how “love is a choice, not a feeling.”  Well if that’s true, Mom, Dad, hook a kid up would ya?  I am perfectly willing to be shipped off to the country of my ancestors (not totally sure what that is at this point, so lets go ahead and just choose Norway) and be set up with a stranger I don’t know, but who I could potentially be compatible with.

That actually sounds like a great idea.

Also, Mr. Darcy.

Let’s talk about him for a second.

Colin Firth = Best Mr. Darcy.
Colin Firth = Best Mr. Darcy.

What does it take to get some chivalry around here?!

Apparently a lot.

I would like to take the time to acknowledge the father at Church on Sunday who made his two sons walk back to the doors to hold them open for my friend and I.  It was great.  It was a little awkward that we got sucked into being a part of parental discipline, but I still enjoyed myself and I didn’t have to open a door.  I was stuck in the entry way for about 30 seconds longer then normal, but hey!  I got a door opened for me by a 7-year-old boy.

Chivalry is not dead.

It’s withering by the side of the road from multiple bullet wounds, but it’s not dead.

And another thing we should talk about … the south.

I’m almost positive that they don’t have these issues.

I think the Men of the south come out of the womb with excellent manners and knowledge about how to treat a lady.  Except for those guys that sing that song “Cruise.”

I don’t want to hear about how you fell in love because she was in a bikini and coming out of the water.

News flash!  A bikini top does not a lasting relationship make.

That sounded both profound and kind of like something Yoda would say.

So what am I saying?

Well honestly I don’t know.  I just took a nap and now I’m about to go to bed, so this might just be some groggy stupid musings, but I guess I just want more Dads to make me stand in the atrium for an awkward amount of time so that they can teach their boys that you open doors for ladies.

But that feels like a lot to ask.

Also, I think I’m moving to Texas.


4 thoughts on “Mr. Darcy and Florida Georgia Line.

  1. Interesting! I like the random links to interesting thoughts. It also encourages me not to tire of trying to be kind — I guess in a sort of chivalrous way. Thanks!

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