And Then I Got Kicked Off

Well, I can’t say I’ve ever been rejected by a website before.

Actually, now I can.

I mean, before last Thursday I couldn’t, but now I can.

What are you supposed to do when your fake persona is rejected?

I’m used to having the normal me rejected, but the fake me?

I put up my wittiest jokes, my cutest picture, and put my best foot forward then …



Actually not so much rejection as making me feel like a stalker …

If I want to find out why I was kick off of “a valid subpoena, search warrant, or court order directed to is required.”

Aca-suces me?


Well shoot.

Now I am officially out of options.

And I need you people to validate me and tell me that I’m not crazy.

So, where do we go from here?

Well, at this point the only dating website I haven’t tried (or gotten kick off of) is

So I have 25 years until I can find a relationship.

This, added to my local Monique Lhuillier store closing, is really casting a dark cloud over my future relationship prospects.

But you know what friends?

God provides.

I was about to quote that Psalm 37:4 verse and then I realized that might be a little blasphemous.

Especially since last post I said it was misquoted.

Also, roomie, please stop telling me your friend met her husband on [fill in the blank] dating website. I just can’t hear that right now.  Talk to me about it when I get back from my vacation.

Her word’s VERBATUM after proof reading this:

“I’m just trying to find a dating website you haven’t been kicked off of.”



9 thoughts on “And Then I Got Kicked Off

  1. Well that was a short-lived experiment. But I’ve got a couple thoughts I … thought … I’d offer up.
    One, a curiosity: do you consider the wittiest, prettiest, best-foot you to be a fake persona?
    Two, a compromise: at least it was the website that rejected you and not a person, right? I mean, what does a soulless, non-sentient website know anyway?
    Three, a consideration: Ecclesiastes 7:14
    Finally, a commendation: I don’t think you’re crazy (based on the posts I’ve actually read, but I will reserve the right to rescind that ruling in the future.)

    1. That was so nice! 1. No, I guess I don’t consider the wittiest, prettiest, best-footed me to be fake. Its basically the me that has gotten the most sleep. Sort of the highest on the spectrum of “Claire”. 2. You’re right! I basically was rejected by R2D2 which means nothing. 3. So good. Literally so good. 4. Thanks … however, I would reserve judgement.

  2. im confused how do you get kicked off match? why? Well as a single Christian girl I have tried all of the online dating sites and believe me when your are serious about your faith the online dating pool is very small, I have not been kicked off but still find it just as hard to find someone. I have come to terms that online or offline when its not the time its not the time, I have now deleted my profiles and I sit with my computer read your blogs with a glass of wine and brownie and wait………….. 😦

    1. I have no idea. I have to file a court order to figure out why they did it to me. Glad you read my blogs though. If you’re sick of brownies try pretzels and frosting. So good and so incredibly unhealthy it’s fantastic.

  3. It’s interesting to me that girls struggle with finding good guys. I always thought that girls should just check their friend zone (I say that because I feel bitter sometimes and I’m one of those guys).

    But I agree with Sue. For me its been hard to find a girl, let alone a Christian girl who is serious about her faith. I just don’t know where you’re all hiding. Granted I’m 22 with no need to rush, but a good, female Christian friend at the least too much to ask, is it?

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