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Despite the fact that I write this blog, sometimes I REALLY don’t mind being single.

Actually, sometimes I really like it.

Okay, I will admit that Saturday night when I was watching “Friends” with my roommate it would have been nice to have a boyfriend to call so he could bring us ice cream, but then he would have needed to leave because it was girls night.

So I guess what I really need is an unpaid servant.

Or a slave.

Yes, what I really need is a slave.

I digress.

Serious moment: One of the things that I’ve been trying to do in my own spiritual life is practice gratitude.  Like random free coffees, light traffic, fun text messages from good friends, random complements, etc.

End of serious moment.

So I’m trying to be more grateful for my singleness.

So, a list:

1. I am grateful for being single because this is how I sleep:


If I was married, I’d be limited.

2.  Jesus provides and led me to the candle I just bought:


It literally is my new boyfriend.  It smells like a very successful 6’3” attractive man who owns lots of leather chairs, is a purveyor of fine cigars, wears coral pants, and isn’t afraid to admit that he buys his cologne at Nordstrom.  Yeah I have a type.  So what.  Get over it.

3. Realistically, I don’t have time to date anyone.

I’m in Finance. I’m trying to get some letters after my name. I want people to think I’m smarter than I really am.  This means tests.  And lots of work.  Lots and lots and lots of work.

3b. I get to focus on my career.

This is getting serious so we’ll try to lighten it up a bit.  But this is an actual reason why I’m grateful …

4. I got to live in Zambia! 

I have some super spiritual token Christian girl pictures with some Africa babies.



5. My roommate just reminded me I get to live with her.

Thanks for continuing to remind me how awesome you are.  I forget sometimes.  But seriously – Friends and late night trips to Yogurt Lab?  Da best.

6.  Friday Bride Day on TLC.

“Say Yes to the Dress?” I’m saying yes to the best night on television.

7.  I can say that I have a huge crush on Chris Hemsworth and not really feel guilty about it. 


We don’t really need words now.

8. I get to go to Christian Single’s Groups.

Nope, nope, actually that’s not one . . .

So that’s my list.  I kind of ran out of grateful things . . .

I’m open to suggestions.


6 thoughts on “#grateful #blessed #blessedtobeablessing #lovinglife #crazyforJC

    1. When haven’t I given you credit? All I’m saying is that now that you’re married, and since you did such a good job of putting Carrie and I together, you could help your sisters out and get us on some dates. Seems reasonable.

    1. I know. I literally told one of my friends “I am not leaving the store without this candle. I can’t imagine my life without it.” I maybe have a problem ……..

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