A Single Christian Girl’s Survival Guide to the Post-Tebow Apocalypse

At approximately 9:30 am on Saturday morning my phone lit up with breaking news from NFL mobile.

Tim Tebow had been released from the Patriots.

I mean, I guess we all knew it was coming.

That doesn’t make it any less devastating.

Absolutely I’m going to use the word devastating!

My first blog post was about Tim Tebow, and now his NFL career is probably over.  Unless, according to every single sports blog and news article I’ve read about the subject, he decides to change positions. But dude wants to be a QB.

Surprisingly, I had a rational conversation with my Dad and Brother about this, and I feel like I should share the conclusions of that conversation.

Yes, physically, he’s not a Quarterback.

Yes, if he does want to play in the NFL he had to improve more then he did.

Yes, the Patriots always only have two QB’s on their roster.

Yes, I agree that Ryan Mallett is being groomed to be the next Tom Brady so there wasn’t room for any other quarterback, especially since Ryan’s position is so solidified.

But the whole time, and ladies, lets just keep this between us; I wanted to say, “Yeah, but, it’s Tim TEBOW!”

I’m really hoping that a lot of you are thinking, “What’s the big deal? It’s Football.  A bunch of guys with too much testosterone running around smashing into each other.  Looks just as stupid as it sounds.”

You ladies will be making sure the world doesn’t fall apart as the rest of us sink slowly into our fall stupor.  So let me take the time to thank you now for stopping the pending apocalypse. And for making those delicious football snacks you pinned on Pinterest.  Jesus didn’t create me to work those kind of wonders in the kitchen.

There are others of you, some of whom I’ve had conversations with, that spent this whole weekend trying to figure out how to live in a post-Tebow NFL world.

So here are my suggestions, I’m going to title it:

Survival Guide to the Post-Tebow Apocalypse (I thought it sounded overly dramatic and catchy)

  1. Know that Tim Tebow is not the only Christian Quarterback in the NFL. Yup.  He’s not! I know, I’m excited too.  I’m going to go ahead and say that I call dibsies on Sam Bradford, but Aaron Rodgers, Colt McCoy, Colin Kaepernick and Christian Ponder are all also “Crazy for JC.” (And I don’t think they’re the only ones!  I just didn’t want to research it that intensely.)
  2. Do a little “self-therapy.” Take a moment to acknowledge that you really liked a guy who clearly loves Jesus.  Yeah, you maybe went a little crazy between September and February, but hey, you like guys who love Jesus.  Good for you.

Well, that’s all I got.

Sure, it’s barely a list, but hey I tried.  Do you have any suggestions?

Didn’t think so.

Maybe this is still too raw, and a little too real.

I am also going to neither confirm nor deny that after I prayed for peace in Syria tonight I maybe, kind of, sort of prayed that God would let Tim Tebow play in the NFL again.

After, I prayed for peace in Syria.

From Hey Christian Girl Tumblr

2 thoughts on “A Single Christian Girl’s Survival Guide to the Post-Tebow Apocalypse

  1. I like to find blogs that make me feel less like a goober for being single, Christian and over the age of 15. Also, Aaron Rodgers is officially my new Tim Tebow, thanks to your research. 🙂

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