Urgent Care

A few Saturday’s ago, in preparation to run in the TC 10 Miler, I was getting my hairz did.

I getz my hairz did and I look good.
I getz my hairz did and I look good.

Because everyone knows that the key to PR-ing a race is getting your hair colored the day before.


Anyway, as I was sitting in the salon, waiting for my color to set and catching up on the latest stuff about Kim Kardashian that I would regret reading later, I started feeling terrible.

Like bubonic plague kind of terrible.

I made it through my hair appointment, put myself to bed early, and said that if I didn’t feel better by 5 am Sunday morning, I should probably skip the race.

At 9 am the next morning I found myself in Urgent Care with a fever of 102.


In the midst of feeling like I was going to die, I held a pity party, in my honor, for driving myself to urgent care, sitting in the waiting room alone, and basically just looking pathetic all by myself.

Did I mention the nurses were kind of mean?

Anyway, I don’t know if this has happened to you, but I have decided you never feel lonelier as a Single Christian Girl then when you find yourself in the midst of a medical emergency.


And also, Doctors.  They’re probably the worst about rubbing singleness in your face.

One of my friends went to the ER a few months ago and had the following conversation:

Doctor: “So is your family here?”

Friend: “Nope, I’m alone.”

Doctor: “So you don’t have a Husband?”

Friend: “Nope.”

Doctor: “Fiancé?”

Friend: “Nope, I’m alone.”

Doctor: “So no boyfriend?”

Friend: “Nope … like I said, I’m alone.”

Doctor: “So there isn’t anyone with you?”

I don’t think my friend said anything after this.  She did have a quite little “face-palm” moment, but no more words were exchanged.  I don’t blame her.  Kind of hard to talk to someone about how you’re alone when they don’t know what that word means.


My whole Urgent Care experience made me flashback to that scene in Fireproof (cheesy Christian Romantic Drama, if for some odd reason you don’t know what I’m talking about) where Kirk Cameron is spoon-feeding his movie wife soup.  Really, what I’m saying God, is that it would have been really nice to have my own “Kirk Cameron” spoon feeding me soup as I was dying of the Bubonic Plague.

Seriously though, what does it take to get spoon fed soup?


5 thoughts on “Urgent Care

  1. You forgot to mention that your mother drove you to your appointment with your internist the following Monday, then drove you to the pharmacy/grocery store and bought you dinner and groceries for a week. Even handed out a tew hugs to the daughter with bubonic plague. You are never alone when you have a mama who loves you!

  2. Seriously. I had an all-kinds-of-crazy allergic reaction a few months ago and had to drive myself to the E.R. I have never felt so single after that and buying mysef canned soup from Target. We should start a SSCG (the extra S stand for sick) driving service.

  3. Right after a natural disaster is pretty bad too. Multiply x100 if you’re stuck in a basement full of couples huddled together. This has happened.

    1. You HAVE to be kidding! Oh. My. Gosh. That’s is so terrible!! I’m laughing, but it’s mostly to keep from crying because that just sounds so aweful! Ugh. You go girl. You survived that natural disaster like a champ. It’s like if destiny’s child did a mash up of “Independent Woman” and “Survivor” – epic.

      1. Yeah! Missouri tornadoes. The damage wasn’t catastrophic where I was, so I wasn’t rebuilding warrior style, but it was more the principle that dudes were protecting their girlfriends as I held my teddy bear over my head. And then wandered alone afterwards while my friends in other apartments called their boyfriends. I might have had a few less patient conversations with God after that one. And by less patient, “WHY AM I GOING TO DIE A [25-year] OLD MAID!?” 😛

        Urgent care is pretty bad though. I mean, if you’re going to get sick, you at least want to be able to milk your story for sympathy and kindness, resulting from renewed appreciation for your many good qualities. Just be wary of an unsteady hand with spoon feeding. You don’t want to end up back in urgent care!

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