How to Meet Single Christian Girls

For the blog, I get to see what people search to get here.

The most common phrases are some derivation of “single Christian girl blog.”

Guess what the second most common phrase is?

“How to meet Single Christian Girls.”

Wigga what?!?!?!?!

I just assumed that because I was single, and all of you are single, that there are no Men looking for us.

But there are.

And they search “How to meet Single Christian Girls,” and then, they end up at my blog and read my stuff.


And, they’re serious too.

How do I know?

They message me and ask.

So that begs the question: “How DO you meet Single Christian Girls?”

I’ll give you a list, because I like lists.

Number 5: Christian Mingle.  I know I’ve bashed it in the past but I’ve heard too many times how it works.  Gosh darn it all Christian Mingle! I shake my fists at you and your success rate!

Number 4: At a “pseudo” Christian concert.  You know what I’m talking about?  Where the artist is a Christian, but sings more spiritually ambiguous music?  I was just at a Ben Rector concert and it was a breading ground of potential first dates.  There’s nothing more serendipitous then meeting your next GF during your favorite love song that might or might not be referring to Jesus.

Number 3: Any “singles table” at a Christian Wedding.  This is a whole other can-of-worms, but for some reason at every Christian wedding there are one or two tables with just single ladies.  So dudes, get ready to mingle.  For us, going to a wedding sans-date is quite possibly the worst thing in the world.  Behind 1,000 paper cuts and being dipped in vinegar of course.  But you want to dance with me to Miley Cyrus’ new song?  Yeah I hate “Crashing Ball” or whatever it’s called, but I’m more excited about dancing with a dude than my 10 single girlfriends.

Number 2: Volunteering with the kiddos.  We love kids.  Most of us have baby fever even if we try to hide it. (This girl – even though I talk about how I hate them I get really weird around babies – mostly because I want one.) You want kids?  You want a lady that wants kids and loves Jesus?  Volun-fricken-teer with your local youth group.  Being a spiritual mentor to some young men?  We think that’s hot.

Number 1: AT CHURCH.  This seems obvious, but I guess it’s not.  A little clue – if we love Jesus you can pretty much guarantee that for 1 ½ – 3 hours on a Sunday you’re going to find us at our “local watering hole.” Honestly, we’re like a herd of buffalo.  Just go all “Dances With Wolves” on us, hunt a weak one down, and ask her on a date.  The pure shock of getting asked out at Church can almost guarantee you a “yes.”



5 thoughts on “How to Meet Single Christian Girls

  1. Dear Single Christian Guys!
    Good to know that you guys exist, too! All the tips above are spot on, but here’s another. I am always (ALWAYS) on the look out for guys with character. This means has integrity, kindness and respect, and is in control. And somewhat independent. Even if I’m hanging out at one of my non-Christian friends’ events, I notice character, because often enough it is an indicator of a) Christian faith in action and b) someone that I’d want to be around. Definitely be yourself, but always with those core characteristics in mind with what you’re talking about and your actions. Trust me, single christian girls will think that’s highly attractive and try find you.

    We will go home and a) ask our friend about you (including your faith) or b) search for you/your religion on Facebook. Yeah, I admit it.

    Also, please know that we may be internally begging you to ask us to meet again. All it takes is: “I don’t want to be improper if you’re dating someone. If not, I’d like to get to know you more. Would you like to go [bowling] sometime?” or “Are you dating anyone?” We have been told that it is improper for us to initiate something like that, but we probably want to get to know you more, too. Sometimes we look at whether you initiate anything to determine whether you like us or not. If you don’t initiate, we figure that you aren’t interested (or interested enough). Take time to phone Jesus if you need to, but just get back to us if you’re still interested after you speak to him. Thanks!

  2. Hahaha love it. Why is is though that all of them (number 1 excepted) seem so cringy?? Surely we can come up with some cooler ways to meet people!!
    Is encouraging to know that there isn’t a complete man drought though! x

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