Target Part 2. Get Your Date On.

Remember when I blogged about Target the last time?  I talked about meals for one and that Target hates single people?

I’m not going to take back those words but I do have some advice friends:

If you want a date, go to Target.

I had a friend of a friend (her name is Emily) message me tonight; besides saying some pretty wonderful stuff, she told me how she had just seen a guy at Target lay down a super cheesy pickup line on this girl, grab her phone number and set up a lunch date.

All in the journal and office supplies aisle.

In less than 5 minutes.

Who knew paper products were so romantic?

Now, I feel like I wouldn’t usually write about this except for I had my own little “Target flirtation” this evening.

In the holiday aisle, next to the Christmas trees.

Someone needs to call the Hallmark channel because it was that cute.

I’m not hopeful, but I’ll still let you know how it goes.

So, my experience made me think, “Why today?  Why was my Target visit today so successful in such an unexpected way?”

Well friends, I think it’s because I didn’t look homeless.

This is how I usually look when I go to target:


This is how I looked today:


See the difference?

I’m a huge nerd and super dense, so I didn’t realize it mattered until my new friend Emily said this in her message: “guess I need to shower and at least put matching clothes on before coming next time.”

Yes … we all do Emily.

Good things happen when you do.


7 thoughts on “Target Part 2. Get Your Date On.

  1. Funny, I have the opposite problem. When I go out with my dirty hair hidden under a hat, wearing my dad’s oversize sweater, I get attention (from creeps, but I get attention). But if I go out looking well put together and like I’m a functioning member of the human race, suddenly I’m invisible. I don’t get it…

  2. I’m dying about how you usually dress when going to Target. I look the same. For some reason I think that I am invisible and no one will notice me…Kind of like Mindy Kaling in the Nationwide Superbowl Ad… Next time I’ll rethink my outfit.

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