How Tim Tebow Just Made My Night.


I do NOT know why I didn’t know this.

I mean, I follow him on Twitter, I occasionally Google “Tim Tebow news.”

Let’s be honest, I’m a little OVERLY invested in Mr. Tebow’s career.

So I’m having a bit of a hard time breathing right now.  I’m probably going into anaphylactic shock, and I think I might throw up.

My Monday night plan was to watch The Bachelor, but who the heck wants to watch that when Tim Tebow is working as an analyst during the BCS National Championship?

No one.

Sorry Juan Pablo, you’ve been replaced.

This girl is glued to ESPN.

Do I care who wins?

Absolutely not.

By some miracle I knew that Florida State and Auburn where playing against each other, but that’s because I literally work with all men.


So, Mr. Tebow, thank you for making my night, my roommate’s night, and the night of every other Single Christian Girl that reads my blog.

We love you.

In the most un-creepy way possible.

Crazy Girl


2 thoughts on “How Tim Tebow Just Made My Night.

  1. I just stumbled across your blog and was pleasantly surprised to find that 1. It wasn’t written by someone who has been happily married since age 17 2. You’re legitimately funny 3. You’re in finance and so you get how important getting married is just so you can have your own dog (I’m a CPA, yay for tax season starting on Monday!) 4. You also equate being given the “gift of singleness” with ________(fill in the blank with something not so awesome). I think we could be best friends (is that too much, too soon?). Thanks for keepin’ it real. I’ll be back for sure!

    1. Ok – I’m so sorry I’m just responding to you now!
      1. You’re welcome. Did you see this one? :
      2. Thank you. Although, sometimes it feels like it’s just me, laughing at my own jokes …
      3. YES! THANK YOU! Finance / Accounting people unite! Since I’m working like 10 hours a day I’d come home to a dead dog … Also – respect for that CPA test! That is some hard stuff, way to go you!
      4. haha sure! I could always use more best friends 🙂

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