Valentine’s DAY!!!


How’s everyone’s day going?




Somewhere far past ugly that took a turn through crap-town?

Clearly you haven’t been reading my blog!  We’ve been having so much fun!

I’m going to make things a little more serious.  No more Spotify Playlists, no more near death experiences that lead to marriage proposals, and we’re done with Tim Tebow.

Onto real life.

The Bachelor.

Just kidding, this is actually serious.  Sean Lowe’s Video for I Am Second came out on Wednesday, and it was so good!

Preach it brother.

It was the reason I spent some time this week trying to figure out how to apply to the bachelor.

Then I realized that I had recently hit my head and had a “whoa, Claire, let’s not do anything drastic,” moment of stop-being-stupid.

But anyway, I love this video.  I actually love most of the I Am Second videos, so if you have some time, play on their website for a bit.

From – watch the video by clicking the picture or putting this link into your browser!

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s DAY!!!

  1. Thank you! I always feel like the lead up is worse than the event itself as a SCG (birthdays, Christmas, new years, valentines day), but I had something exciting to look at every day this year! And now I’m obsessed with that Ellie Goulding song.

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