Naked and Unashamed: Women and the Evangelical Purity Movement

So first of all, this is really long. So you have to buckle down. One of my Facebook friends posted the shorter version of this woman’s thesis on her Facebook. I loved it. I don’t think that’s the way that EVERYONE felt about reading this article – in fact, if you look at the comments in her original posting, some are pretty negative. But, I’m all about walking into tense topics and having good discussions. The reality is, this conversation is something that makes me really uncomfortable. However, I’ve learned that if I want to grow, I have to walk into those uncomfortable spaces. Also – sorry for not having blogged in forever … praying through that too. You guys are still the greatest!


Naked and Unashamed

Many of you are probably here because you read my article on The Other Journal.  Several people requested to read the entire thesis, so I have posted it here for your reading pleasure/critical engagement.  Feel free to leave comments with your questions, thoughts, criticisms, etc.  I will continue to write my thoughts on the subject of purity culture and sexuality on this blog, so be sure to check back.  🙂


Through much of its history, the Church has experienced an incredible amount of ambivalence about the body and sexuality. The body has been seen as the means to salvation, as well as a barrier to salvation, sometimes simultaneously, revealing deep confusion and a desire to understand how to think about and interact with our physical being. That ambivalence is seen quite clearly in how the Church has dealt with the bodies and sexuality of women in particular. The…

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