Amazing Things and 3 1/2 weeks until I can hang out again.

So … I’ve been a little MIA, and some of you are starting to notice.

I know.

I’m sorry.

I’ve received some super sweet notes via my Contact Me section, asking me to keep blogging.  First of all, thank you for the encouragement!  It means a lot.  Secondly, I will keep blogging!  I promise.  I just have to finish taking this stupid test.  I’d actually highly recommend taking it if you enjoy learning, math, having no friends, spending an inordinate amount of time studying, and would like to develop carpal tunnel from overusing your TA BA II Plus calculator.  It’s called the CFA exam, or the “your-social-life-is-over exam.”

Either one works.

Anyway, one of the few pleasant side effects of beating myself over the head with textbooks on a regular basis has been that I just haven’t really thought of being a Single Christian Girl in a while.  It’s actually kind of awesome, minus the fact that it’s lead to minimal material.  But, honestly, I think that’s great.  Nothing like a good, all consuming, distraction to make you forget that no one’s planning on having flowers sent to your office, just because it’s Friday, and just because you’re awesome.


Me and my half alive bamboo plant are doing just fine by ourselves, thank you.

A negative side effect of my not thinking about being a SCG was forgetting to show you my friend Luke’s newest video!  Remember when he impressed us all with Accent’s and Anger Management?  I wrote a mini blog about it?  If you don’t remember – I remember.

You people liked it.

Well … the man can sing too.

I know!  I didn’t know that.  Honestly, I’m a little ticked that I wasn’t forewarned.  If I had been forewarned, I would have specifically requested some songs.  Mostly ones on my “I Love Love” Spotify playlist.  Luke – if you’re reading this, I’d be ok with a cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.”

Just saying.

Anyway – make sure to watch Luke’s video below, and subscribe to his Channel so we can join together and badger him collectively about doing more covers.


2 thoughts on “Amazing Things and 3 1/2 weeks until I can hang out again.

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog! I know how you feel, I am studying to be a CPA! It is tough and you basically have to disappear from friends and family to stay focused and get your studying in. Hope your exam went well!

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