The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

Today is Father’s Day, and my Dad is quite possibly the most difficult man to shop for.  When I see those commercials for Lowes or the Home Depot saying something to the effect of, “every Dad wants a drill for Father’s Day!” The thought that runs through my mind is, “If I got my Dad a drill, he’d probably come out minus an appendage and we’d get to spend some quality time together in the ER.”

Needless to say, he’s not really a handyman.

But I think he’s awesome.

I was home from college one weekend, probably around my senior year. I woke up that Saturday morning and went down to our den to hang out with my parents who had been having their respective quite times.  My Mom left to make my Dad’s favorite breakfast, “The Lu Plate Special,” (it’s cute because he calls my Mom Lu … you can all go “awe!” now) and we were just chatting.  He brought up boys, because at this point my lack of a relationship was less of a blessing and more of a concern.  He said very seriously, “Claire, you can’t look for someone who’s like me.  I’ve had 30 years to get like this.”

Honestly, I laughed, rolled my eyes and said, “ok Dad.”

I just thought he was being weird.

Because sometimes, Dad’s are weird.

But, to be totally honest, my Dad is the reason why I’m so picky.


  1. He loves Jesus more then anyone I know.  I don’t see him cry a lot, but when I do, it’s often when he’s talking about his relationship with God.  He cries when he talks about what God has done in his life, what he has done for our family, or the way that he sees God working in my life and my siblings lives.
  2. He’s an incredibly hard worker.  He’s put his heart and soul into building a world-class business.  He views his job as a calling from God.  He’s an incredible example of using your work as a way to worship.
  3. He’s brave.  Yeah, he went bungee jumping when we were in Africa, but his bravery extends beyond stupid physical feats (I was opposed to him bungee jumping, just as an FYI).  I’ve grown up watching him surrender control of his life to God.  I’ve watched him take risks that the world thinks are irrational, but he’s taken them anyway because he knows that God’s plans are better then the plans of man.
  4. He loves my Mom.  When I was younger, he said to my brother, sister and me that our Mom was his number one priority.  Honestly, then I was a little offended.  After all, I’m “Princess CC,” so I should be number one, right?  But now, looking back and seeing how much stability that created in our household, I’m so grateful that I have that example to look to.

So, yeah, I’m picky.  But really, I just want to be able to bring home a guy that will be able to firmly shake my father’s hand, look him in the eye and say “Nice to Meet you Mr. Wyatt,” without wetting himself.

So cheers to the Man that I most admire, and happy Father’s Day.

The Man. The Myth. The Legend.
The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

4 thoughts on “The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

  1. It sounds like your dad is truly a man of God and that is the best example for a future significant other you can have. The world may look and say you’re picky, but perhaps the world isn’t picky enough with who we want to be intimate with in our lives. Of those four traits you listed, numbers one and four are what to look for straight off, and four may come along a little later in the relationship, but if he’s a Godly man he’ll know where his priorities are. The other two are built up in us through our relationship with Jesus, sanctifying us and bringing the likeness of him closer so that we may live as salt and light. When I think of salt and light I think of a plate of gourmet prepared food so eye catching that when the waiter walks by with it you order the same meal. People should look at us and say we’re scrumptious!

    Anyways, just found your blog this morning and it’s encouraging to read. Always fall into God’s loving grasp and know that He loves you.

    As an aside, I would shake your fathers hand, happily share a cigar and glass of wine with him and enjoy the day God created in restful bliss. That picture is fantastic!

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