Donald Miller’s Scary Close

Reading this right now, and it is hands down, the BEST book I have ever read on relationships. EVER. Throw away all of your stupid single books, this is it. Just read this now and am freaking out a bit:

I was afraid of change. On the dock I was warm and dry and in control. I knew once I jumped I’d be fine, I’d enjoy swimming around. But it was still a change. I thought about Betsy, likely about to land in DC. I knew in my heart I’d be happier with her. I knew she’d take me places that were healthier, more fun, more challenging than I’d ever been. I thought also about how content and comfortable I was being single, how much control I had in my life, how I could go out and get applause anytime I wanted and then retreat to the green room of my life, eating Oreos and waiting for my next performance.


5 thoughts on “Donald Miller’s Scary Close

  1. This is really interesting. I was just thinking last night about how guarded and used to being single I’ve become, and how I want to be woth someone, but not sure if I’d know how to handle the change of it or not.

  2. This is so me. Lately I’ve been in this funky mood because I’m like hey I’m 25 and single. I miss the feeling of having a guy to go out with, or get those cute texts throughout the day. But at the same time I like how I’m able to learn so much about myself while I’m single.

  3. I read this post, bought the book, read it, and agree wholeheartedly. Excellent book written in the true Donald Miller style of bringing you along on his journey while you experience your own.

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