Things We Learn About Being Single on Tax Day.

The older I get the more I realize the government is stupid.

However, I would also like to run for public office one day so can we say hypocritical?

I think it’s because I’m an idealist and like every young American, I expect the government to be perfect and then it does something just super dumb and you sit there wondering if they have an even basic understanding of modern economic theory…

But I digress.

Bringing it back, yesterday was Tax Day!


via Pinterest.
via Pinterest.

Or not if you had to pay in and then I’m sorry for your loss.

I’m sort of like an ostrich when it comes to taxes. My head is in the sand. Don’t tell me what I’m paying, I don’t want to know.

However, I hit up ye ol’ google machine yesterday which solves a lot of the world’s problems and I typed in a fated string of text, “difference in tax rates among married and single people.”

Don’t do it friends.

Don’t do it.

In the wise words of Bon Jovi, it was indeed a “shot to the heart.”

Because as far as salt in a wound goes, this is a big one. Right behind how no one ever buys me jewelry.

Basically, single people pay more. And the government is doing this intentionally to encourage marriage. To which I want to say to the government, “would you get off my back?! I’m TRYING ok?!?!?!”

But am I really trying?

Uh oh. I’m about to drop bombs.

I’m not really trying. Not at all.

I’m reading this great book by Mark Batterson called Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge it’s a follow up to his book The Circle Maker which I highly recommend ESPECIALLY if you’re in a season of not knowing what the heck to do with your life. Which has been most of my 20’s so far … so basically if you’re in your 20’s you should buy it.

Anyway, in Draw the Circle Mark talks over and over again about how we need to “work like it depends on us, but we also need to pray like it depends on God.” In most areas of my life I would say I’m pretty good at the working part and need to do more in the prayer area part, but when it comes to a future spouse I’m zero for two. I don’t do anything (big issue) and I don’t pray about it (arguably bigger issue).

Let’s sideline the praying about it deal because you people are like toddlers and I can only hold your attention for about 100 more words (true story – it’s science).

But we, as single christian women, DON’T DO ANYTHING.

UPS isn’t going to drop off a guy at your house. They just won’t. And not only because the packaging is expensive and it’s really hard to ship live things but, apparently, if you’re trying to ship a person there is some nonsense about them needing “air” because they could “suffocate.” I don’t know – the government made it up.

Anyway, you, (and by you I mean we) have to get off our butts, stop watching Netflix on Friday nights and get out into the world!

I feel like a mother wood duck about to push my little ducklings out of the nest.

wood duck

We can’t complain about being single, but also refuse to go out on dates.

We’ve got to put forth a little bit of effort ladies. Like signing up for one of those dumb dating sites I’ve talk about before. Yeah, they’re stupid, but people get married because of all of the time! Or sign up for the Bachelor! Just kidding, don’t do that. Volunteer! Be nice to random men who have fantastic socks (sign of a winner – just FYI). Go outside! Or my favorite, join singles BSF! Because we all KNOW the people who sign up for BSF are NOT 100% there to study the bible.

“Oh, I’m just here to learn about God and his word!”

“Yes – and I’m here for the amazing coffee.”


Anyway, you can do it! You’re powerful, confident, capable and beautiful. And in case you need to hear this too – you’re good at relationships.

Fly my little wood ducks! Fly!


6 thoughts on “Things We Learn About Being Single on Tax Day.

  1. Thank you for this! I’m a single girl in her late twenties and i’m always reminding my other single friends of this. You’ve got to put yourself out there! Just like single men need to be encouraged to pursue. As Matt Chandler puts it, “You don’t pray for God to bring you your dinner, you go out and get something and cook it.” Not to say you should not pray, you should, but we can be proactive and social which helps us meet people.

    What’s really tough though which I would love to see you write a blog about, is if you put yourself out there as a women and you are still not pursed time and time again. I think most women get fed up with dating is because they feel they have no control over it. They just have to wait. Men – unless you’re getting turned down time and time again by women when you ask them out (this is typically not the case for my guy friends, they don’t ask girls out at all) usually they are single because the chose to be either purposefully or not because they are ready to date, or don’t ask women out. As Women, we can put ourselves out there, but other than that we pray and wait, pray and wait, pray and wait and try to give subtle signals. VERY frustrating.

    Would love to see a post about this, It’s a big struggle for single women.

    1. Thanks for the great idea Brooke! It made me think if I was intentional about putting myself out there for a month, what would happen? I’ll keep you posted on further developments 🙂

  2. I absolutely love this post. I saved it in my inbox and every one in a while, I reread it. My blog just went live a couple of weeks ago ( and I was wondering if I could repost this the day before Tax Day this year.

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